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Java application

- introductional web pages with hints

- automatically installs on user's computer

- during every startup check is made whether target contains updated SW version and if such is detected application on client side is upgraded (application can be upgraded once in target and then each client upgrades it from central place - zero effort upgrade management)

- if web server is not available downloaded application starts unchanged

- currently application visualises Z3200E rack state, operates DATA and TEST buttons, shows a graph example of modems' ReceivedOctets variables, below is a splitter (can be hidden) window with received traps

- menu functionality (similar as ZYPSNMP application) allows you to change modem settings with a mouse click on its hotspot and then by selecting from a menu

http server requirements

- only 220kB space to store application JAR files

- possibility to add MIME type for install/check/upgrade functionality for Java WebStart application

A. http protocol is used to obtain initial webpage from a web server. Manual, help and installation guide can be also placed there.

B. http is used to get SW, standard web browser is used to install SW for target device visualisation and management, if run from Windows icon is placed on the desktop

1. Install Java Runtime Environment (if not already installed)
2. Install own management SW (100 % PURE JAVA)

SW is started (from a web page or by clicking on an icon at your desktop)

SNMP - management protocol is used to exchange information with target device.

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