Poseidon Demo

Poseidon demos are small sample applications to demonstrate how to communicate with Poseidon devices. They show their communication methods and graphical representations of received data.

1. ActiveX - C, VB, Excel, OpenOffice examples
Poseidon.dll is used to deliver easy API for reading data from remote Poseidon devices.

2. Java Web Start - Client Application (for Java 1.6)
Application uses http or snmp protocol to get temperature sensor values from remote Poseidon devices. It is compiled for JRE 1.6 only.

3. Java Applet - Thermometer Demo (for Java 1.6)
Demonstrate possibility of graphical representation of a temperature sensor, connected to a Poseidon device.

4. JavaScript and XML (AJAX) - Graph Demo (Mozilla only)
Demonstrate continuous communication with a Poseidon device. Obtained values are drawn in a graph.

5. JavaScript and XML (AJAX) - Sensor Demo (Mozilla only)
It is similar to a previous example, but obtained values from a required sensor are displayed in a table.

6. EXtensible Stylesheet - Sensor Demo
Demonstrate possibility of presenting XML in HTML format with EXtensible Stylesheet Language transformation. This reduces effort to create a web page in an embedded device code.

7. Google Maps - View Sensor Locations
Demonstrate possibility of graphical representation of live Poseidon devices (anywhere in the World) with help of Google Map API.

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